First Contact

First of all: hello and welcome to my blog

My name is Michael Fitzmayer, and first and foremost I’m a lucky husband and proud father of two. Speaking of which: our son Jakob and our daughter Käthe are truly my most noteworthy contributions to this world and I could not imagine life without them anymore.

Besides, I’m 33 years old and I work as a professional embedded software engineer in the industrial and mobile automation sector. A career that came about more by chance after I had been working in SMT PCB assembly for about seven years. I live and work in southern Germany, close to the city where I was born and grew up.

This blog is the successor of my personal website, which I no longer maintain.

Instead, I started this new blog to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for technical topics such as electronics, programming and the restoration of historic two-stroke vehicles with interested and like-minded people.

With this in mind, I wish you a lot of fun browsing through this site.

Best regards, Michael